How does AnonExch work?

AnonExch uses API's from other exchanges. Our algorithm searches for the best rates possible before initiating any exchange. To hide your transactions we first exchange your funds to the anonymous currency Monero(XMR), which is fully encrypted, then we exchange the received Monero(XMR) to your selected currency. Using this method there will be absolutely no traces between the sending and receiving wallets.

What is your privacy policy?

We have a strict privacy policy. No user data is collected, and all exchanges made are deleted after 24 hours if you don't manually delete it after completion.

Does AnonExch have any fees?

No AnonExch does not charge any fees, we only get a referral commission from the exchanges that we point you to.

What is your KYC requirements?

AnonExch have no KYC requirements and we only use services that also don't have any. This is to protect your funds from start to finish.

My transaction expired, what should I do?

The transaction will remain open and the transaction will go through anyways. If you haven't received your funds within 24h please contact support.


AnonExch is a non-custodial anonymous cryptocurrency exchange platform providing swift and secure swaps with a wide range of crypto, all while maintaining complete anonymity through a no KYC policy. Offering the most private crypto exchange option on the market with minimal fees. AnonExch distinguishes itself as the foremost anonymous crypto exchange, upholding a no KYC and no-logs policy. Enhancing privacy further, users can utilize Monero as a bridge between swaps.

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